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Advanced Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering

You better know the prospects in fire and safety engineering since you already working in this field or you have taken diploma in this field and now want to get advancement through us by joining in our education program whatever it may be but we can opened the door of your progress in your ongoing career without doing anything especial for such education just use your spare time and your Internet connection everything would be in form of advance diploma certificate with least investment.
Prevalence of fire and safety engineering is evidenced in date back in the time of the rule of the Emperor Nero when fire and safety professional were focusing on the planning to guard large plants, principally spinning mills and further developing properties through developing submissive protection techniques, including the division of space and the use of non-combustible building equipment. Nowadays, Fire engineering is contributing a lot in the development of our safe environment.
Therefore, we provide a proper course of education and ongoing development in fire and safety engineering field to obtain and uphold the expertise of our fire protection engineers. Our Advanced Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering in Mumbai or advance diploma in fire and safety engineering in Pune or advance diploma in fire and safety engineering in India teaching typically comprises base studies in physics, mathematics, chemistry and technological scripting.
Our focus on the developing a deep and thorough understanding of the behavior of various structures in fire as well as the basic principles of fire dynamics and the interactions between structural elements and fire in our students opting for advance diploma. 

Objective of the course:

  • The study of fire dynamics and fire modeling
  • Doing risk analysis, including economic factors during fire events
  • Study of human behavior during fire events
  • Wildfire Management in fire events
  • Trained students to make plans of conduct during and after investigations
  • Enable students to identify and analyze broadly defined problem and evaluate strategies

We can achieve these objectives through various means like:

  • By assessment of the hazards and risks of fire and its effects on humans, industry and environment
  • By the mitigation of potential fire damage by proper design, arrangement, construction and use of materials, buildings, structures, industrial processes, transportation systems and other such activities
  • By the evaluation of the optimum protective and preventive measures essential to limit the consequences of possible fire events
  • By the design, installation, maintenance and/or development of fire detection, fire control, fire suppression and fire related communication systems as well as equipments
  • Using the appropriate equipment and manpower in the strategy and function of fire fighting and rescue operations
  • Investigation and analysis, evaluation and feedback at post-fire stage.


Research always demand advance resources and technologies used in the field of the engineering so we prepare our methods and instruments accordingly to deliver comfortable experiences in education. We take help of all possible media like texts, images, animations, audios and videos deliver our content successfully to our students and employ all possible efforts to digest them in proper manners so they can achieve a desired success. Use of the Internet as the most efficient tool is our peculiarity other than the traditional tools of only corresponding techniques. Our students can get content from anywhere and at any time as well as can put their queries in front of faculties in public or private real-time interactions.

Advance diploma means something like a master degree so we choose well experience in sense of academics and practical field exposure faculties to teach such students. Our facilities also are the member of the fire and safety professional councils therefore they can provide utmost satisfaction in due course. Moreover, we trained them to deliver their knowledge effectively using latest teaching techniques.

Course for Diploma Mechanical Engineering Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Title: Diploma in Civil Engineering (D.C.E.) (General) 

Course Duration: 2 years (4 sem) 

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