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Bachelor of Computer Application

You can make your dreams true in the field of education and you can continue with your studies even after a gap of ten or more years and this is possible through our education program which is very much popular among the students from all parts of the world as you need not to attend any college on a regular basis and everything with minimum fees.

With the pace of time technologies are going to get tremendous advancements and information technology and communication systems become a vital part of almost all organization functions therefore these organizations are in need of experts to take advantage of the new information know-how, with the help of professionals who can use computer science principles to solve various technical problems thus, computer application degrees have become vastly popular these days. In due course our bachelor of computer application in Mumbai or bachelor of computer application in Pune or bachelor of computer application in India courses is gaining fast reputation.
There are some definite advantages of pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science discipline with us:
Connotation and employment of computer application in extensive fields of the modern world, lucrative jobs with promising compensation and other perks, high-quality academic training gives the basis for IT proficiency in future, escalating demand of computers and its application in the present-day work areas can open up tremendous opportunities in various fields of modern industries that is leading in the direction of a financially as well as professionally viable career, with our comprehensive instruction sessions are enabling our students to have an on-hand experience with an edge of all practical-exercises over theoretical-exercises.

Objectives of the Course

  • To open the ways of higher studies
  • To widen the scope for career in the different sectors related to computer application
  • To equip students with an integrated set of skills that enables them to develop their professional careers in computer application
  • We train our students to get confidence and capabilities to accept any challenge in the field of computer application
  • To make things simple by finding the right concepts and methods to make difficult things easy

We have the only sole aim to give the best with comfortable manner so we provide you lessons in a modular software system where you can get all sorts of content like text, images, sound and visual and all you can do at your time and from your place just like you are attending a class at midnight time. We give all facilities to pose your questions, answers and queries related to your topic as well as can converse textually or verbally or arranging video conferences using latest instant messengers like Skype with your faculty. You will have live sessions with other students as well as faculties at the decided time where you can exchange your knowledge and can get deep insight about your subjects.


Highly reputed and academic faculty can make profound impacts on the students especially when they are trained for teaching therefore, we give special training for teaching to our team of faculty and give all latest technologies used in the field of  education so they can deliver any sort of complex subject stuff in very comprehensive forms and create a talented pull of students who have assurance of the success.

Scopes for ‚ Bachelor of Computer Application‚ in Mumbai, Pune, India with help of Softkey Education

Job Opportunity for Students:

  • You know very well that India is an IT power thus there is an acute demand of the students who have pursued the course of BCA with us and can join the companies like InfoTech, Wipro, Siemens Communications, Tata Consultancy Service, and even International companies like Vodafone, and Essar communications.
  • Students are getting placements in dairy firms, banking firms, etc.
  • Job opportunities are also available in both large and small software development companies as well as hardware companies

Courses for Bachelor of Computer Application in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Title:‚ bachelor of Computer Application (D.B.C.A.) (General)

Course Duration: 3‚ Years

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 Passed With Computer

You have a perfect vision of your career in the computer application field so you are craving for  degree within a reputed institution like us so come at us and ask us the questions in your mind as well as tell others about our other courses like BCA lateral ‚ and BBA in computer application so they can avail of our great services with least investment.

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