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Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

Computing devices are now in-thing for modern society and they can be placed just after the bare requirement of modern civilization, therefore, undoubtedly they have a vast user base so the demand of computer science experts would be flourishing in coming years. If you want to catch the train we offer you an opportunity to get a backdoor entry in a computer science course to climb the ladder of the degree course, even without sacrificing your ongoing work with negligible fees.

There is no field in comparing to computer science that has such extensive interdisciplinary role, both in its origin and application. Therefore, Computer Science plays an important role in virtually all fields, including science, music, medicine, art, law, business, communication and so forth. If you want to be a practicing computer engineer or to take a few courses to develop a basic understanding of computer skills for application in other fields, we are at your risk to help you gain the computer science knowledge you need. Our course will brush up the working professionals or students to enhance their skills up to the current expectations of the IT world.
Computer science is a sole field that doesn’™t require you to dirty your hands so new generations like that the most and if you have any certificate or real life experience of this field you might have smooth sailing in this field, you just need a few hints to climb your ladder of the bright future and that we will provide you through our diploma computer science Mumbai or computer science Pune or diploma computer science India courses.

We try our best through education that appeals to the busy adult like you to get the flexible scheduling and also allows for the most efficient and effective use of your time, so that for student’s homework and studying can be accomplished at the most convenient times of your day and working professionals can manage their jobs very well. In due course we do everything in such a way that whenever you connect us through Internet your tasks would be ready and you may contact us at any time to get answers back.


We know the importance of the talented, well trained and dedicated faculties in education as it is more challenging than face to face education system so we have updated team of such professionals who are capable to make you a real professional in return.

Courses for Diploma Computer Science Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Title: Diploma in Computer Science (D.C.S.) (General)

Course Duration: 3 years (6 Semester)


Eligibility Criteria: 10th passed with Maths Science and English

Skills Obtaining by Diploma Computer Science Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education  Scopes for Diploma Computer Science Mumbai, Pune, India with the Help of Softkey Education  Areas Covered for Diploma Computer Science Mumbai, Pune, India with the Help of Softkey Education  If you are looking for trustful education institute we are the better option for you in every aspects described above so make up your mind and contact us for detailed information as well bring the cases of your friends or relatives who also looking for some another fields like diploma Electrical engineering and diploma electronics and telecommunication engineering for their career.

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