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Diploma in Electronics And Telecom Engineering

Electronics is an evergreen subject that provides plenty of career opportunities for technicians so it is natural that you don’t want to spare yourself from those. Aghast! You don’t have time to go for formal education therefore, we have the best options to do that through our education programs to translate your desires into the solid realities even with least let go.

After industrial revolution which was contributed by mechanical, electrical, chemical and civil engineering the sophisticated revolution started happens and it was based on electronics, even if you say computer & handheld devices like Smartphones and tablets, but computing device itself is an electronic device so creation, maintenance and utilization of such devices are in the hands of the electronic engineers.
This alone fact is responsible to attract many towards electronic field especially who are already in the practical field but don’t have to get a chance of backdoor entry in this field due to many reasons like job, self employment or age that prohibits them to go to polytechnics for a diploma we have perfect and viable yet legal solutions. We offer diploma electronics and telecommunication in Mumbai or diploma electronics and telecommunication in Pune or diploma electronics and telecommunication in India courses at reasonable fees and fitted into your busy schedules.


Learning electronics involves lots of theories and practical knowledge and doing this with ongoing profession or job is somewhat challenging, but don’t worry we have made it easy for you by introducing latest technologies like online courses with modular system where all text, images, diagrams and charts are depicted beautifully and in animated formats so you can easily grasp the fundamentals and live communication facilities allows you to get your faculty online to solve your queries.
For practical you can use our labs at prescribe time in Mumbai, Pune or other nearby centers throughout the India. Our labs are:

  • Micro controller Lab
  • PCB Simulation Lab
  • VLSI Lab
  • Digital Communication Lab
  • ISAP Lab
  • PC Hardware & Networking Lab
  • OFC Lab
  • PLC Lab


We know very well that any sort of technical knowledge in order to get proficiency is solely depends on the qualities of the faculties so we have collected real brains to teach the brain of the modern technology-Electronics. Our training to make them competent for education proves a useful instrument to solve the problems of the students at other ends. They are lean, effective communicator and talented yet with cool nature to meet our goals to create a new tech-savvy generation through education.

Courses for Diploma Electronics and Telecommunication in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication (D.E.T.E.) (General)

Course Duration: 3 years (6 Semester)

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: 10th passed with Math™s Science and English

Skills Obtaining by Diploma Electronics and Telecommunication in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education  Scopes for Diploma Electronics and Telecommunication in Mumbai, Pune, India with the Help of Softkey Education  Areas Covered for Diploma in Electronics And Telecom Engineering Mumbai, Pune, India with the Help of Softkey Education  There are many doors open for those who have certificates and work experience in the field of electronics and telecommunication if they have a diploma, do you want diploma? Even without scarifying your ongoing career? You don’™t need anything other than come into contact us for detailed information if you applaud us for our offerings and would like to enroll your friends or your relatives in other suitable courses like diploma fire & safety engineering and diploma automobile engineering for their bright career don’™t hesitate at all do it that is good for you and for them.

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