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Diploma in Certified in Fire and Safety Engineering

Do you have a knack for taking risks and save others? This is the carrier for you. Not only taking risks but get good compensations too. It is great if you already in the field of fire and safety and opt for more we have good offer for you like people to get a diploma from home and get instant job or climb the ladder of your career further. All things are with the least investment without compromising education quality.
World population is increasing day-by-day along with the growth of various industries and these all happen in the cluster of urban areas therefore, lots of hazardous chemicals, combustions, various electrical instruments are in the affinity of human life and they increase chances of unwanted incidents like fire so most of the well aware society has put pressures on the government and other organizations to be concerned about fire and safety measures. This has indirectly increased the demand of trained human resources to protect people and the environment. In due course we have devised education for the people who have nape for this field or are already in this field and pursue further study to get promotions in their career.
We make our fire and safety engineers capable to identify and analyze the possible risks in the areas where they work and design a model or program to prevent, and control the situations in case fire breaks out. Our engineers can work in conjunction with the architects while designing a building and employ the techniques, such as space separation, non-combustible building material, and so on. We do these very things with our diploma fire and safety engineering in Mumbai or diploma fire and safety engineering in Pune or diploma fire and safety engineering courses in India

Objective of the course:

  • Active fire protection by employing fire suppression systems
  • Smoke control and management by taking various measures
  • Building design, layout, and space planning according to the fire protection principles
  • Escape facilities creating through emergency exits, fire lifts, etc.
  • Define risk assessment, health and safety regulations
  • Develop skills in communication, management and critical thinking during fire incidents


 Teaching courses which involve multidisciplinary knowledge even in mode is much difficult where multiple theories and various kinds of practical knowledge is an essential requirement so we take help of the most advanced technologies for learning like online active and passive learning modules with special education software to give the most possible teaching through comfortable ways to the students. Our infrastructure permits them to get lessons on their time and respond it as per their wish and all with their minimum required devices like computers or tablets. We arrange regular private as well as public meetings with other students and faculties to sharpen their knowledge and skill creating unseen competitions among the students. 

 We have hired faculties with high expertise in fire and safety engineering so they can give perfect knowledge of this field to our students. Training students are entirely different things that you do on-campus engineering teaching therefore, we trained them to use latest technologies in teaching and help them to prepare efficient curriculum that our students who are seated at remote area other than us and we never try to force them to synchronize their time with us unless in special cases so our faculties are capable to deal with them in public as well as a private mode of teaching and always ready to solve their problems.


Course for Diploma Mechanical Engineering Mumbai, Pune, India ‚ at Softkey Education 
Course Title: Diploma in Fire & Safety Engineering (D.F.S.E.) (General)
Course Duration: 6 Month (1 Semester)
Medium: English 
Eligibility Criteria: 10th +2 
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Once you decide to have a diploma in fire and safety engineering with us you are most welcome we give guarantee for 100% success in the field when you will finish the program. Still you have any question? Just contact us for detailed information as well as convince others to get the benefits of such great programs like diploma automobile engineering India and advance diploma fire and safety engineering India for their bright career.   

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