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M. Com. Education Management

Do you want to achieve a practical understanding of key current educational issues in your educational institute and provide an effective leadership to grow the institute in the right direction? We are at your risk to provide such abilities through our program without departing you from your work.

With the increasing population and awareness for good education educations institutions are bloating in numbers of students and such reputed institutions are facing an intimidating set of challenges like heightened accountability, fiscal constraints, substantial demographic change, new competitors, and questions about the effectiveness of education. Our in Education management in Mumbai or Education management in Pune or Education management in India course helps you focus on the challenges and solving them along with opportunities for personal renewal.
Our course is dealing with the study and practice concerned with the operation of various renowned educational institutions. We train the students in various educational fields, various ways of developing an institution, their ways of teaching, various modes of the educational progress of the students, etc. With our program you learn how to supervise personnel, mobilize resources and handle school finance and law as well as the basics of organizational change, and international perspectives on education.
Our program is particularly attracted:

  • Teachers
  • Middle Managers in Schools and colleges
  • School and College Leaders
  • Consultants
  • Administrators
  • Local Government Officials

Objectives of the Courses

  • To provide conductive learning environments to enhance personal, professional and academic development through intellectually stimulating and challenging experiences
  • To enhance professional skills to analyze, interpret and exercise critical judgment in the evaluation of educational theories, and concepts
  • To enable students to apply theories and concepts to the field of education through research
  • To enable students to investigate problems and generate solutions by appropriate research methods
  • To enhance professional, intellectual, and interpersonal skills
  • To enable students to design a course of study relevant to their working context

teaching is not difficult in this advance technological era as the internet is bringing every at your doorsteps without much effort but using these technologies in education needs investment of money, time and trained human resources therefore we have accumulated every component and organized them cleverly to meet the needs of the modern distance students and try to give them as much as possible despite all constraints of the education with our education ERPs. We serve lessons in modular form where students can interact with us in asynchronous as well as synchronous ways and get concepts clear through multimedia content.


We have seasoned managers working in the education field as our faculties so they can make our students true educational managers or entrepreneurs in the field of education with their deep knowledge and long experiences. They are highly active in their domains and getting updates regularly so they can update their students. We make them tech-savvy through our latest technologies that we use in our education ERPs. They can successfully deliver their lessons to the students and use all possible method to make lessons comprehensible and palatable for students coming from various strata of the education industry. They are ready to respond quickly for any query regarding to their domains.

Scopes for M.Com. in Education Management in Mumbai, Pune, India with help of Softkey Education

Some Job Prospects

  • students after completion of the course can get high profile jobs in various renowned Institutions at national and international fronts.
  • They can supervise schools and colleges and develop them further.
  • They can establish their own schools

Courses for M.Com. in‚ Education Management in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Title:‚ Education management (D.C.C.P.) (General)

Course Duration: 2 Years

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: Graduation

As you are belong to education field or want to get entry through our prestigious course you know very well that learning need good and latest infrastructure to serve and highly qualified faculties with technological knowledge to deliver their lessons so you have read our page carefully and assured that we have everything along with a valid degree so we invite you to ask further queries if you have in your mind so you can tell others that we are the right destination for other courses like M.Com in accounting and finance and M.Com in computer application.

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