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M. Com. Finance Management

In a business or organization financial management provides a barometer for competitive status and customer satisfaction therefore the role of financial managers is crucial at any stage. Considering such demands you want to enter into this field but you are not capable to access the formal education seating in the classrooms and wandering for a viable option. Our course is well fitting choice for quality education with affordable fees.

The financial management is a vital activity for a company or business because it has direct impact over the every activity of the business so it binds the past, present, and future together through the analysis and taking steps for the betterment of the business. If there is poor financial management then it affects the overall performance of the company as every decision is based on the finance available. Therefore all financial managers should develop the capacities to communicate essential financial information to make it useful for decision making at every level.
Thus our in Finance management in Mumbai or Finance management in Pune or Finance management in India course leads students to create such abilities and enable to provide quality customer service, strategic planning, credit management, and marketing success by appropriate levels of management, staff, and operating resources.

Objectives of the Courses

  • To widen the scope for career in the different sectors related to Finance management
  • To open the ways of higher studies
  • We train our students to get confidence and capabilities to accept any challenge in the field of Consumer Protection
  • To equip students with an integrated set of skills that enables them to develop their professional careers in Finance management
  • To identify relevant financial information to assist departmental managers in decision making concerning to staffing and other resource management
  • To develop, interpret, and manage critical data of the business
  • To identify financially high risk areas within business
  • To identify areas where financial performance can be improved
  • To manage accounts to increase sales and collections
  • To manage assets within organization for service improvements
  • To identify financial resources to enable business to pursue strategies
  • To develop cost savings methods

Since our students are staying at remote places and don’t attending the classes so no on-campus facilities are needed at all, but they are striving for solid channel of communication and ways to obtain lessons efficiently so they can comprehend them well and use their spare time in learning from their places. Therefore, instead of mere textbooks we offer very interactive lessons through our multimedia content so they get everything exactly they can get from a classroom seating. Our state-of-art education software allow us to deliver stuff in palatable manner and our latest communication facilities provide ample scope to directly interact with their faculties and get prompt response they are seeking.


We know the best technologies are not sufficient to create a skilled professional but righteous teach only does that so we have a pool of talented and capable professional with real life experiences of finance management along with academic tendency so they can justify every sort of students and can provide ultimate satisfaction through their thorough subject knowledge and our training to deliver that through various techniques available on education horizon effectively. They are always ready to solve the problems of the students in real-time mode as well delayed time mode through our software modules and instant messengers.

Scopes for M.Com. in Finance Management in Mumbai, Pune, India with help of Softkey Education

Some Job Profiles

The interesting aspect of financial management is that our students can be position which focuses solely on financial issues in various fields ranging from executive officers to front line managers as well as they like can work as:

  • Risk and Insurance Managers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Investment Banking Associates
  • Credit Managers and Specialists

Courses for M.Com. in Finance Management in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Title: Finance management (D.M.C.F.M.) (General)

Course Duration: 2 Years

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: Graduation

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