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M.Sc. Applied Management

There are plenty of distance education institutions offering applied psychology master degree program, but are they delivering quality education that you are craving for? We know you are one of them because your awkward situations make difficult to attend regular classes and you want flexible study time and the remote places where you stay therefore we have arranged these things through our distance quality program with less budget.

You are working professional so you have a better idea of the applied Psychology and which things can work for you to go ahead in your career and profession. You are better aware of the academic management education pitfalls which leave students handicapped and restless in due course of securing a better job because when they get exposure to the real field they realized that their top degree can’t work in reality and they need real experience of the field and fortunately you have as a working professional or you don’t have as a fresh degree student, but don’t worry we have M.Sc. Applied Psychology in Mumbai or distance M.Sc. Applied Psychology in Pune or distance M.Sc. Applied Psychology in India courses which don’t have a lacuna that only academic courses have and we teach real applied Psychology through our really practical faculties.
We offer learning by finding, exploring, diagnosing the jumbled situations that enable all candidates to attempt positively the all management requirements and this certainly helps them in creating Management vision to achieve multidimensional growth. Our cultivated management culture enables them to have a critical brain exercise which will lead to enhanced the broader professional horizons to create the excellent results.

Objectives of the Course

Develop fundamental skills in management like:

  • To make students with proven management expertise,
  • To develop excellent communication skills and
  • To create the ability to adapt to change
  • To enable to work in a wide variety of global organizations and industries
  • To create smart, qualified people to plan and develop new business ventures
  • Enable them to provide specialist management and/or technical advice and support
  • To give complete specialized study investigating global trends, change, issues, big picture thinking, social responsibility, and the need for future focused leadership.

With a strong emphasis on project-based learning, you will study core Business Management practices and make your learning tailored to suit your major subjects and let you complete a cooperative research project and gain valuable practical experience during the course work thus you can develop your own coherent path of study. In order to achieve this we have created a superb distance learning infrastructure with our excellent software through internet so our students access their study materials and give their feedback through our well designed learning interface whenever they want and from wherever they access them. Moreover, we facilitate them to access their faculties directly through instant messengers and get their solutions in public as well as private mode.


When we are going to offer applied Psychology and if we have only academically qualified faculties then how they can deliver you the practical Psychology knowledge? Yes, therefore we have accumulated real heroes of the field with a proven track record of experience as well as aptitude for academic teaching and we trained them to cope with the difficulties arise during distance teaching. They would be available most of the time to solve your queries and would be updated themselves with the latest and proven methods and practices for the effective management.

Scopes for Distance M.Sc. Applied Management in Mumbai, Pune, India with help of Softkey Education

Some Job Profiles

After completing our distance course you will be able to go to apply for following posts and fields:

  • Human Resource Management: where they will face problems related to HR managements like recruiting, managing and train human resources for present as well as future growth. Define scopes for employees within the organization and creating employee friendly yet practical policies to boost the growth of the organization.
  • Business Transformation and Change: They can play project leadership, advisory roles, change management, training/learning, coaching, strategic planning, development, performance management and organizational development roles.
  • Strategic Management: Strategies have a fundamental role in businesses so these managers have bundles of management experiences for a wide range of industries to create and focus on the strategic nature of the management.
  • Event Management: for event planning and management industries require vibrant, organized and dedicated people for event planning and management, sponsorship and fundraising, conference management, and for the hospitality and entertainment industries.
  • Sales and Marketing: this requires a sophisticated and unique skill set to work in a variety of career fields like marketing, sales, advertising, promotions and public relations.
  • Tourism Management: They can meet the requirements of the tourism industry locally, nationally and internationally to work in a supervisory or management level as well as to operate your own business.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Capacities for operating your own business. Can make innovation in small and medium businesses and gain an insight into corporate entrepreneurship and professional practices.

Courses for Distance M.Sc. Applied Management in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Title: Distance M.Sc. Applied Management (D.M.A.M.) (General)

Course Duration: 2 Years

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: Graduation

At the beginning of the page we claimed that we are teaching real applied Psychology that is field focused so you may have thought that we are trustworthy institute to keep our word if not they give us a chance to clear your confusion by giving your contact details and if everything seems okay they try to convince others for distance M.Sc. mathematics  and distance M.Sc. statistics  so they can get our maximum benefits of our offerings.

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