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M.Sc. Microbiology

Microbiology is a fascinating field as it ever grows with the new inventions and it is a fundamental branch of medicine so naturally its demand is high and have a master degree has some more edge in the career but your ongoing job or profession is a big constraint pursuing a master degree course on-campus learning, therefore we are offering education courses with quality teaching and affordable fees for professionals like you.

We come to know about diseases and what causes them after the study of small organisms and now that they have been discovered, things are picking up. Therefore, microbiology is one of the most enthralling and dynamic branches of biological science and it is developing more and more. In the near future more microorganisms will be discovered but those known to man are making a huge difference in the present moment. In fact microbiology is really a broad encompassing virology, bacteriology, parasitology in addition to the research into the body defense mechanisms or simply immunology.

With our unique program in M.Sc. microbiology in Mumbai or M.Sc. microbiology in Pune or  M.Sc. microbiology in India we give our students an understanding of the basis of immune recognition and vaccine design‚  as well as about infectious diseases and methods of control them and about the microbial biotechnology as well as parasitology. Moreover we develop an insight of the importance of microbiology in environmental, agricultural and industrial settings. Our students can perform research in this discipline to revolutionize by new and exciting technologies such as genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and genetic engineering.

Objectives of the Course

  • To widen the scope for career in the different sectors related to Microbiology
  • To open the ways of higher studies
  • We train our students to get confidence and capabilities to accept any challenge in the field of Microbiology
  • To equip students with an integrated set of skills that enables them to develop their professional careers in Microbiology

Microbiology involves lots of information and understanding of microbes therefore in education institution has to deliver bulky texts, plenty of image along with animations and some live videos to clear many concepts and get in-depth knowledge so we have create all possible facilities to deliver these all with ease and in form of software modules that let students to take lessons at their leisure and from their places. We offer live sessions too so students can meet faculties as well as other students online to exchange their thoughts, knowledge and their problems as well as queries.


Microbiology is ever changing subject due to constant new findings in this field moreover, it is related to medicine so demand of microbiologist is unending therefore, getting talented faculties is daunting task but we manage that beautifully and collected skilled professionals who are well versed with applied aspects of the subject along with academic excellence. We trained them for teaching especially for the subject that need lots of text and images so they can deal with our out-of-box education software and prepare excellent modules with proper instructions. They also be ready to solve the problems of the students in a real-time mode as well as delayed time mode.

Scopes for M.Sc. Microbiology in Mumbai, Pune, India with help of Softkey Education

Higher Study Options

There are lots of higher study options once you successfully complete M.Sc. in Microbiology:

  • Master of Philosophy in Microbiology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology

Jobs in various sectors in government as well as private sectors

  • Food Microbiologists
  • Biotechnologist
  • Biochemist
  • Bacteriologists
  • Industrial Microbiologists
  • Environmental Microbiologists
  • Protozoologists
  • Cell Biologists
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Mycologists
  • Medical Microbiologists
  • Immunologists
  • Geneticists
  • Parasitologists etc.

Courses for M.Sc. Microbiology in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Title:‚ M.Sc. Microbiology (D.M.M.) (General)

Course Duration: 2 Years

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria:‚ Graduation

We know there are very few colleges offering on-campus microbiology courses so courses are again rare and we are the pioneer in this field so don’™t waste your time in finding the right institute as you have read our entire page and now you got convinced that we are the best option for you. If you still have you any doubt contact us and place your queries we will return with absolute solution. Once you get total satisfaction with us please recommend us to your inmates and other social circles about our various courses like M.Sc bio-chemistry and M.Sc. chemistry Mumbai so they can avail our services too.

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