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M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering

Master degree in chemical engineering means you are the authority on creating day-to-day life commodities as well as peculiar needs of various industries and these charges make you a more responsible professional than you are at present with graduation, but there are many obstacles in the way and biggest one is your ongoing job that spare you from formal education. Don’t worry our education is the most viable option to realize your dreams and all with a negligible amount!

Dealing with chemical is as old as the civilization, but there were only one term and was chemistry, but with the invention of natural crude oil processing chemical engineering came into limelight and entered into the mainstream. Today it is mature but still growing field with steady demands of talented masters who can design, devise and implement the new processes and methods to meet the ever growing requirements of the increasing population of the world.
We are renowned education institute which can create masters in chemical engineering through various courses like M.Tech chemical engineering in Mumbai or M.Tech chemical engineering in Pune or M.Tech chemical engineering in India with excellent use of latest education techniques and seasoned faculties. We firm the principles of chemistry and, various engineering technologies to create instruments and facilities to implement new designs and processes applying principles of chemistry, in the mind of our students. We also enable them to plan and create operation facilities to develop various chemicals like polymers, dyes, paper, plastics, drugs, fertilizers and other petrochemicals. These are a few examples but they can do pretty much everything. They also contribute in the manufacturing of the equipments for such chemical processing plants through their research abilities.


There is plenty of learning of theories, practices, research, assignments and pretty everything a master degree engineer do therefore, we are well equipped with the latest technologies used in education and use best education ERP to modulate all tasks of the learning and delivering learning materials. Our students can use synchronous and asynchronous methods of learning to strengthen their knowledge to stay in competitions. Constant support of management and talented faculties is another dimension of our services.


Master degree involves lots of capacities to comprehend theories and practical and academic abilities to successfully deliver to the students therefore we don’t only recruit talented faculties from the field but also train them to make learning a memorable experience of all students. Our faculties are equipped with cutting-edge research in all areas of chemical engineering and inter-disciplinary areas from various streams like physics and biology as well as computing science.


Courses for M. Tech. Chemical Engineering in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education

Course Title: M.Tech in Chemical Engineering (M.C.E.) (General)

Course Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: B.E. / B.Tech.

Skills Obtaining by M.Tech. Chemical Engineering in Mumbai, Pune, India at Softkey Education  Areas Covered for M.Tech. Chemical Engineering in Mumbai, Pune, India with the Help of Softkey Education  Areas Covered for M.Tech. Chemical Engineering in Mumbai, Pune, India with the Help of Softkey India

Taking master degree through education demands some brainstorming and we are available to assist you in this process to clear your concepts and constraints just come into touch with us and leave the rest of us. Moreover other professionals who have the same idea as you have for education you can draw for them toward their areas of the interests like M. Tech mathematics India M. Tech physics India so they too can brighten their future.

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