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Post Graduation Courses

MA in English

Do you make your bachelor in English (MA) and now want to go ahead in this fiercely competitive world but without leaving an existing job or profession? Don’t worry we are the savior and offering intensive courses of English in master degree so you can learn and get a valid degree to go ahead with a confidence and all with the least investment of time and money.

The professionals with skills that would best serve businesses and organizations in the 21st century employment arena would be the people who think abstractly, can think critically, have conceptual abilities, have general research skills, can analyze problems with their solutions, and can communicate effectively. Therefore, with our Master of Arts in English (MA) in Mumbai or Master of Arts English (MA) in Pune or Master of Arts English (MA) in India course we create such skills in our students with lots of efforts and employing the right strategies for learning.

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MA in Hindi

Hindi is the second most popular language of the world so you have ample opportunities in this field as you want to go as a professional but true learning and valid degree are prerequisites for you along with continuing in your ongoing profession therefore we have devised a course for people like you to take lessons from their home just with a PC and an internet connection with negligible fees.

Recent surveys indicate that Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese and nearly 500 million people speak Hindi around the globe and the total number of people who can understand the language is about 900 million so you can understand very well the importance of Hindi moreover, constitution of India declares Hindi in the Dev Nagari script as the official language of the Union so Hindi is sole working language of the Central government, therefore many opportunities in the state and central government jobs are open for our students.

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Masters of computer application Â 

With the Masters of science degree you can advance your understanding for experimentation, scientific analysis, the crucial role of mathematical reasoning, the application of scientific principles and facts to solve problems, analysis and techniques in comprehending problems in the natural or social sciences. Do you want all? Even without going to classes? If yes, then our education program is the only answer to your all questions and all with affordable fees.

It guides the students in understanding of computer applications and develops programming skills coupled with perfect managerial skills which are the basic requirements in todays fast changing IT scenario. Through the balanced blend of theory & practical, along with values & attitude the program seeks to equip the students with value based conduct, emotional maturity, analytical ability, cross functional capability and leadership skills to operate effectively in a highly volatile, multicultural global business environment.

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